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Single Mug Press Machine

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Color: White
Size (L W H): 31X28.8X27.5cm
Net Weight: 8Kg
Gross Weight: 9Kg
Voltage: 220V-250V/110V
Power: 300W
Temperature Range: 0-220℃
Timing Range: 0-999 Sec.
Pressing Size:Diameter 7.5~9.5cm

৳ 5,500.00

Specifications & Features :

Description :
It’s very easy to create beautiful, full-color imprints on mugs. All you need is the Mug Press machine, a sublimation ink-jet printer and a specially coated ceramic mug.

Lightweight and portable
For use at malls,
flea markets show
Fully digital temperature control
Automatic digital timer
No limit on height of mug
could turn left and right,
choose the most suitable place to print
Be able to bear high temperature with silica gel
press equal
220℃ could bear
The heating mat could be heated if no mug in the machine
Easy pressure adjustment
Solid steel welded framework
An amazing 3-Year/3,000-mug warranty on the heating parts
Soft heater liner for accommodating inconsistent mugs
Temperature readout accuracy +/-1C
User selectable end-of-cycle alarms

Operation Process:

Step1: Place the print face down on the mug and secure it with thermally resistant tape. Place the tape on opposite ends of the print.

Step2: Slide the mug into the mug press and apply pressure. Fifteen to twenty seconds later after the temperature reaches 180℃, remove the mug from the mug press.

Step3: Allow the mug to air cool at room temperature. Remove the tape when the mug is cool.


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